Blind Faith

What have I done?
I’m way off track.
Another reckless choice I made,
With words I can’t take back.

I let my fear and doubt take hold,
With paranoia controlling me.
I can’t avert the blame this time,
Or hide from what I know they see.

It seems I’m not the victim here,
Like I always played so well.
I’m running out of roles to play.
What’s left of me is hard to tell.

I don’t know what I want in life,
Or where I want to go.
Right or left, I can’t decide.
Depends on if I’m high or low.

I change my mind with every breath,
And can’t explain the things I do.
I know I don’t make sense sometimes,
And get confused on what is true.

I’m stumbling lost as if I’m blind,
Reaching out for what is real.
I follow my heart in every way,
So I have to believe in what I feel.

Who would correct the blind man
If he told you of his view?
So I trust my heart to God’s pure will,
And pray for faith to see me through.