Just for Today

At this point I’m open to just about anything if it will work to break the cycle of addiction I’ve been in for the majority of my life. I tried going to an NA meeting the other night and as I got close to the building, I asked a couple walking ahead of me if I was in the right place. The girl turned around and asked, “NA?” Then the guy busted out laughing and gave me props for the best line he’s heard at a meeting, “Am I in the right place?” Of course I was in the right place. I wasn’t getting high somewhere else.

When I made it into the lights of the meeting room, I realized I recognized the guy from outside. It had been a good 5 or 6 years since I’d seen him last and it wasn’t pretty. I’d say he was at rock bottom or close to it. Come to find out that he was married now. I couldn’t believe how amazing he looked and how sweet his wife was to me. She made me feel welcomed like I was right at home. The kicker is that my friend received his 3 year token of clean time on the very same night I attended my first meeting.

It’s moments like that which remind me of who is really in control and it sure as hell isn’t me or you. I love it when God decides to show His love and presence in such an undeniable way that it strengthens my faith that’s pretty rock solid to start off with. I left the meeting feeling proud of myself like I might have found something that could work for me. The only requirement to be a member is the desire to stop using. Got that. I’m in. I guess I’ll just keep coming back.