Okay. So let’s just say that my devices really do have minds of their own…

I have two words for you. No, not ‘fuck you.’ (I know that’s what you were probably expecting there.) I wanna say thank you. I might not be able to explain or understand everything that’s going on around me but I have faith that there is a purpose. I’m finished being afraid or getting upset with the technology I know so little about. It’s been quite the humbling experience though. Which I’d like to thank you for as well. I am now so ridiculously aware of how far advanced our technology has become and how dangerous it can be. I’ve yet to figure out how to protect myself from certain invasions but I’m guessing it wouldn’t matter what I do to supposedly “secure” my devices. Instead, I’ve just decided to accept that I know nothing and you have access to everything.

I’ve spent far too many years trying to hide when I should’ve been living and sharing my experiences with the world. Maybe, just maybe, I can help someone else who’s struggling with the same issues or circumstances I’ve been through. How’s about that for revelation? So I offer up another thank you. I know you see me now and are watching me fight for a life worth living. If I could ask for one thing and one thing only, it would be for everyone not to give up on me. And I say ‘everyone’ because there’s gotta be more than one person from Texas going everywhere I do. I guess I should say thank you for making sure I get to and from my destinations safely. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, don’t give up on me.

Everything I do is a process and even though it might take me a little longer than others, I do eventually figure it out. Whatever ‘it’ is. And I do love a challenge. So I’m learning and I’m trying and I will overcome whatever is set in front of me. I want my freedom. Freedom from my past mistakes and bad choices. Freedom from what still holds me down. Freedom to live and praise God in all I do. I know this freedom is a gift and I know it could be taken from me if God’s will sees fit. This is something I will forever remember and never take for granted. I truly have so much to be thankful for. I’ve been blessed in more ways than I can count. However, I had to travel through darkness to see a world of people that will never know what it’s like to have a supportive family and genuine friends who all know what love is. Now, as I venture out of the shadows, I just pray that I’ve been able to shine some small light of love into the darkness.