Into the deep

I’m trapped in the darkness,

Afraid and panicking.

Which way do I turn?

It all still feels the same.

Searching for light,

Just a glimmer of hope,

In this darkness so deep,

That it’s swallowing me.

Is everyone giving up?

I’m tossed to the wayside,

While still reaching out.

Just breathe, I tell myself,

But I’m drowning in the deep.

I wanna keep fighting,

But I might have already

Started giving up on me.

Everything I try to do

Isn’t good enough, I guess.

I know my choices

Aren’t always too bright,

But give me a fucking break!

I’m doing the best I can!

Where is everyone,

When I need them the most?

Have I finally pushed them all away?

Yes, I’m afraid so…

I pushed so far,

That I’m lost in the deep.