Quality of Life

What’s another chemical I happen to ingest on a daily basis when I’m already prescribed 12 different drugs by fully certified physicians? It’s a quality of life issue with me. I’m not even supposed to be alive right now. I basically traded in a terminal illness for a whole bunch of chronic ones. I don’t understand why I’m being judged and stigmatized because I found a drug that helps me live. METHAMPHETAMINES!!! Just the word makes people cringe and stereotype without them even meaning to. If you met me on the streets or passed by me in a store, you’d never know I was a cancer survivor, or had both my hips replaced, or lived with over 10 different diagnosed chronic conditions, or was dependent on meth to function with all the normal people out there in society.

Am I just in denial? Am I just trying to rationalize using an illegal drug? Am I just an addict that doesn’t know how to live without mind altering substances?