A Head Med Switcheroo

So it’s 3am and I’m apparently not gonna get a good nights sleep tonight… yippee. Why is it that when I’m suffering with depression, I can sleep all day long, but as soon as it gets dark out, I’m wide awake? If I start to grow fangs and have a sudden craving for blood, I’ll let you all know…

There’s been a lot of fellow bloggers touching on the subject of depression and mental illnesses lately so I thought I’d share where I’m at in the mess I call my head. I just saw my psychiatrist today and it looks like I get the pleasure of playing with the chemicals in my brain again and waiting to see what happens…. yippee. What that means is I have to go through the process of switching my head meds and dealing with whatever side-effects come along with it. I consider it a two-week long pass for any crazy to slip out while the new meds build up in my system. So far, I’m not liking the fact that I’m still awake after 3am when one of the pills was supposed to help with insomnia. Who knows?!

I’ll keep everyone updated on whatever random side-effects surface while I’m doing the old switcheroo. I won’t bore you with it unless we can all get a good laugh, at my expense of course! Have I told you lately that I just love being certifiably crazy? Well, I just did. It’s totally awesome. And going through a head med switcheroo is my most favorite part. Wish me luck! And a good nights sleep, for God’s sake!

Thanks for all your love and support!