Just a bit about me

Life is too short to worry about the little things that cloud what really matters. It’s better to have a handful of really good friends than have a huge amount of simple acquaintances. No matter what difficulties life might deal us, we wouldn’t be able to fully tackle them without the unconditional love of true friends and a supportive family.

I’ve spent damn near two decades floating through one trauma after another desperate to know why it was all happening to me. Then I finally realized it wasn’t about me. It was about all the people who never left my side while I wandered lost and searching for some reason that I was still alive and given yet another chance.

Most people measure success by how much money they have or what title they worked to get at their job. I used to think that way too but I’ve had to reevaluate a lot through the years. I know for a fact that God is keeping me around for a reason so I’ve put my life in His hands. I spend every moment I can touching as many lives as possible. I try to give myself and my heart to those who have done the same for me. Or even to ones that haven’t. I’ve accepted that I can’t save the world or anyone really. But I can save myself and show people unconditional love even when it goes unnoticed or unappreciated. I may even be taken advantage of sometimes because of my generous spirit, but at least I was able to help.

“The more you give, the more you will receive.”

My mom told me one time that I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I just wonder how many sleeves I go through in a day and if that means I have to change the shirt every time too. That would be a lot of laundry!