See Yaz!

Been pushed too far!


In a cage

That’s never felt like home.

Why was I chosen for this?

I don’t want it.

I never have.

Take it back!

Your eyes shouldn’t be on me.

I mean, what did you expect?

If I’m treated like this

Nothing more will come,

Except all my crazy anxiety.

I’ll be leaving this place.

And I’ll be leaving soon.

Shedding all the meaningless things

And going where the road may lead.

I have no plan,

But a few places in mind.

I’m just gonna drive,

And figure it out as I go.

I can promise you this though.

If one single fucking drone

Decides to follow me,

I will blow that mother fucker

Into so many little pieces,

That the next time zone

Will have to deal with what’s left.

Life is waiting for me.

This is MY time.

Forget about me,

If you ever can…

See Yaz!