All along.

Every encounter in every relationship and every moment by sharing experiences impacts the world with a rippling effect. View it as skipping stones across the surface of still water or like doing the biggest cannonball jump off a cliff with turbulent water below. Different strokes for different folks and different actions depending on the situation. What matters is the intention. By choosing to love people, all people, we are doing God’s will and investing in the greatest natural resource there is… us, all of us, people everywhere, connected, united in this existence for the good of all. Everyone matters. And everyone should be valued despite whatever monetary units have been attached to their name, identity, character, role, entity, title, label, brand… you get the idea. Our worth shouldnt have anything to do with money. We all provide something that is truly priceless… human connection and love for every person. Just being a friend can make all the difference. Unconditional love may seem like complete madness at times but thats the heart of Jesus. Believing is seeing. Bless all you beautiful people!

My host of angels

My love goes out to all the angels who continue to shed their magic on my life and make my crazy look beautiful. You have created a state of awe and wonder for me to rest in. Thank you for everything that can be seen and that which remains unseen. ❤️❤️❤️

I surrender!

A battle still rages inside my soul

I can’t let go

Surrender? No!

I’m fighting for my life

But fighting against His way

Too stubborn to admit

I don’t know anything!

But I see it now

With all eyes on me.

Please Lord, please save me!

Save me from myself!

Take my life

Take my soul

Take everything I think I am

Empty this vessel

Until nothing’s left

Please Lord, please fill me!

Fill me with Your love!

Give me back the light

You used to shine

In me

And through me

And everywhere around me

Please Lord, please forgive me!

Forgive me of my sins!

I lost You somewhere in the dark

Afraid You’d never take me back

I need Your hand

I’m reaching out

My white flag is waving

I’m ready now!